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Jim Ziegler - The "Alpha Dawg"

President & CEO - Ziegler SuperSystems

Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG …For 35 years, Jim Ziegler's been a recognized industry writer, speaker and super performer... a record setting manager with some of the top automobile dealerships in the country. Credentials include…

Jim Ziegler has Worked with over 15,000 Dealerships Nationwide

Over 100,000 Dealers, Managers and Executives have Attended Jim Ziegler's seminars

Jim Ziegler has Worked in 1000 Showrooms in 200 Cities in 49 States

Jim Ziegler has been the Featured Keynote Speaker at 76 State Automobile Dealer Association Conventions

Jim Ziegler has been Rated in Top Ten Workshop Speakers at 11 National NADA Conventions

Jim Ziegler has been the Featured Speaker at Three Digital Dealer Conventions, including Keynote at DD2 in Las Vegas

Jim Ziegler has had a Widely Read National Column in Dealer Magazine Since the 1980's

Dealer Magazine - Jim Ziegler:

Jim Ziegler - Dealer Advocate

Jim Ziegler is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) , the most highly sought after ultimate earned designation with The National Speakers Association

NSA - National Speaker's Association - Jim Ziegler

Speaker Platform - Jim Ziegler


You can contact Jim Ziegler at 800.726.0510 - 9A.M.-5P.M. - Mon.-Fri. - E.S.T.

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Jim Ziegler - Ziegler Sent Me

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James A. Ziegler


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"Average" is the exact point where "Sucks" begins


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Jim Ziegler - The Alpha Dawg

What Can Jim Ziegler and The Ziegler Corporations Do For You?

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NSA Annual Picnic - Jim Ziegler

National Speaker's Association - Jim Ziegler

Nationally Speaking - Jim Ziegler

Jim Ziegler at Orr Automotive - Video


bullet   1949 - First salesman in Atlanta to earn $50,000 in one year
bullet   1950's - Number One National Salesman for Dodge & Plymouth
bullet   1960's - Number One Salesman for Nash Rambler
bullet   1960's - Member of the Chevrolet "Legion of Leaders"
bullet   1980's - Number One World-Wide Salesman for Jaguar, (Over 837 Jags in Three Years)
bullet   Top Earning of $21,000 in a Single Day, (Commission, not sales)
bullet   Founder of the First Automotive Sales Institute Accredited by the State of Georgia - Led the Board for over 47 Years

Irving Silver

Living in Sullivan County, NY, Irving Silver sold his first automobile in 1934 at the age of 16. Earlier he had purchased a Model T pick-up truck for $8.00. He restored the old truck and drove it for a while, then sold it for $16.00. Mr. Silver stated, "That's when I knew it. I told myself that when I grew up I was going to sell cars."

On December 7th, 1941, a young Irving Silver heard over the radio that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. On April 6th, 1942 he arrived at Fort Dix, New Jersey and enlisted in the United States Army. He then proceeded to Fort Bragg, NC for Basic Training and received the rank of Corporal due to his knowledge of diesel engines. He trained exclusively on landing craft and during combat operations he operated an LCM, (landing craft medium).


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